Work visa to Russia

To obtain the right to work in Russia, a foreign citizen must make a work visa to Russia. The processing of a work visa to Russia is the most complicated procedure of all similar permits. In this article, you can learn how work visas are issued to Russia for foreign citizens.

Request an invitation letter

The work visa confirms not only the legality of the foreigner’s stay in the territory of Russia, but also gives him the opportunity to process the employment relationship during the entire period of the permit issued. The possibility of obtaining this document is directly related to the issuance of an invitation by the employer, and also to compliance with the quota rule to hire foreign personnel.

Pay attention! The work visa to Russia gives the opportunity to obtain a job only in the organization that issued the invitation. Violation of this rule implies the cancellation of the visa.

How to process

To obtain a work visa to Russia, a foreign citizen must have an invitation from an employer registered in the territory of the country. The opportunity to issue an invitation depends on the availability of a fee to hire foreign specialists, which are approved annually for each community of the Russian Federation.

After receiving the invitation, a foreign citizen must apply for a visa to the consular unit of the Russian Federation in the country of residence. The work visa in the Russian Federation for foreigners can be issued up to one year.

Pay attention! To extend the visa, the foreigner must redo the entire procedure. To do this, you must issue a new invitation, go to the territory of your country and apply for a visa.

The deadlines for issuing a visa, if all the necessary documents are presented, are 7 to 14 days, and the consular fee depends on the country of the application. To clarify the details of the processing of documents, contact our specialists. With our help, processing a work visa to Russia for foreigners will not be difficult and everything will be done in a short time.

What documents are necessary

A work visa to Russia for a foreigner can only be issued on condition that a complete set of documents is sent to the consular authority. The documents for a work visa to Russia are as follows:

  • application form to obtain a visa document;
  • an invitation from the employer;
  • Photo;
  • insurance policy that covers the entire visa period.

To clarify the details of filling out the application, after your examination the work visa will be issued to the Russian Federation, consult with our specialists. We help solve any problem by issuing an invitation and obtaining a work visa.

How much does the processing cost

How much does a work visa for Russia cost for a foreign citizen? The price of a work visa to Russia includes the following payments:

  • the consular fee, if the processing of documents is carried out directly through the indicated institution;
  • the consular fee and the service fee if the documents are sent through the Visa Center;
  • the payment of the services of the companies that accompany the visa processing procedure.

The price of the consular fee, which will be required to obtain a work visa to Russia, will vary depending on the country. You can find on our website the details of the visa price or by contacting our specialists. We offer many visa processing services for foreigners who are invited to work in Russia.

Procedure to obtain a work visa

How to obtain a work visa for a foreign citizen? This will require the implementation of mandatory actions not only by the foreigner, but also by the employer in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The necessary actions for the hiring of foreigners in the Russian Federation consist of the following stages:

  • receipt of fees;
  • notification to the local employment center of the next hiring of a foreigner;
  • obtain permission from the immigration authorities to invite a citizen from another state and register a card;
  • receiving an invitation to obtain a visa;
  • the presentation of a foreign citizen in the consular authorities and the reception of a visa;
  • notification to the migration authorities about the hiring of a foreign specialist.

Obtaining a work visa to Russia will not be a problem if you use the services of our company. We have a team of specialists who are ready to solve any problem in the shortest possible time.

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