United States Visa for Argentines

The visa that an Argentine needs if he wants to travel to the United States on a tourist or temporary visitor basis is the B1 / B2 visa  . This permit is in all probability the easiest to obtain and is valid for recreational visits of less than 90 days to the USA. Thus, United States visas for Argentines (nonimmigrant) fall into the following categories:

  • Business visa: B1 (valid for work meetings, legal or commercial processes such as the sale of real estate in the country) Maximum duration: 90 days.
  • Tourist Visa: (valid for recreational and tourist visits or specific medical treatments). Maximum duration: 90 days

What does the tourist visa for the United States in Argentina include

The tourist visa for the United States has a validity of up to 10 years in Argentina. During this time the owner of said permit may travel to the North American country whenever he wants as long as he never stays for a period of more than 90 days and does not breach any of the conditions of the agreement. But what can really be done and not in New York with a B1 / B2 visa? In summary, this visa includes the following activities as allowed:

  • Holidays
  • Visit family or friends
  • Attend business meetings
  • Participate in work training
  • Receive medical treatment
  • Perform missionary work

Thus, it is understood that in no case may the traveler work or perform any paid work, this includes students, trainees and nannies in AuPair. If you want to study or be an Au Pair in the country you will have to apply for a complementary J1 visa.

Transit visas for Argentines traveling through the US

Any passenger who does not belong to a member country of the visa waiver treaty and intends to travel through the United States on the way to another country, must apply for a transit visa (C visa) or a tourist visa (B2) at the consulate. Transit visas are those granted to foreigners who must inevitably transit through the US to continue their journey to another country of destination.

On many occasions, applicants for transit visas (C) that meet the requirements for obtaining a tourist or business visa (B1 / B2), obtain the latter. Travelers with a tourist / business visa for the United States (B1 / B2) do not need to apply for a transit visa.

How much does it cost to process this U.S. visa in Argentina?

The price is $ 160 to which you would have to add the cost of the request for extra documents that you want to present in the interview (this is not mandatory in any case), and the value of the transfer to the US Embassy located in Buenos Aires.

In addition, in response to a very common question, there is no minimum amount of money that must be taken in the bank to travel to the United States. You just have to prove that you have solvency to spend the desired time in the country without having to resort to work.

United States Visa in Argentina: process

The process to obtain a tourist visa for New York in Colombia is approximately the standard of all Latin American countries. The process is simple and consists of two steps, document processing and personal interview.

How to request a tourist visa for the United States in Argentina

The first thing to be clear about is that visas for the United States can only be processed directly at the American Embassy of each country or at any place authorized by the Embassy. In this way, all Argentines who want to obtain a permit to travel to the US They should go to the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires and submit the following documents:

  • Form DS-160
  • Biometric passport
  • A current photo
  • Make the payment of $ 160

What is the interview for obtaining the US visa in Argentina?

In the interview the applicant must demonstrate that he has sufficient ties in the country to guarantee his return to it after the holiday period. Although there are no mandatory documents to present in this process, the applicant may carry anything that demonstrates its roots in the country. As an example, some of the things that are considered positive when granting a visa are solid family ties, possession of real estate in the country, having a job or a current enrollment in an educational institution.

How and where?

We recommend that you make the appointment online and print (always) the appointment confirmation page. So you must go to the CAS indicated in Buenos Aires ( Av. Santa Fe 4569) where you will answer the basic questions. Once this first step is over, the next interview will be at the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires. You should arrive 15 minutes early to have time to pass the security check without delaying and do not forget to always carry a copy of the DS-160 document and your passport. Helpful tips:

  • Since you make the payment you have 11 months to arrange the interviews, if you take longer you will have to pay the amount again.
  • Be always very punctual and go prepared.

Is it difficult to obtain a United States visa for Argentines?

The tourist visa for the United States in Argentina, except in very specific cases, is easily obtained. In any case it is important to follow the process correctly and make the request at least 3 months before the trip to avoid surprises. As we have said before, most applications for B1 / B2 visas for the United States made by Argentines are granted. In addition, once the visa is obtained, the renewal process is much simpler than the initial application. It is important to request renewal about 4 months before the first permit has expired.

Main reasons for the tourist visa refusal for the United States in Argentina

The main reason for rejection is that set forth in point 214 of the agreement with the United States, which says that all those who are potentially immigrants will not be able to obtain a tourist visa as long as they do not demonstrate the reason for their trip and the intention of returning to the country far from all doubt. Visas may also be rejected from those who have a criminal record of any type or certain infectious diseases.

If the visa is rejected there is no appeal process. If you wish, you can always start the procedure again from the beginning and your request will be analyzed again from scratch.

Note:  It is important to remember that having obtained a visa does not guarantee access to the country that can always be denied at the airport if the authorities in charge consider it appropriate. In any case, this is very unusual.

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